Monday, February 19, 2007

A Free Flow Of Thought

I am unable to decide on a topic for today's post. So, I will be writing about a number of things. Here we go.

Mike Awesome has passed away at the age of 42. Part of WWE and WCW, Awesome will be remembered mostly for his work in the original ECW. A very dominant champion, he was part of many memorable feuds and matches with wrestlers such as Maesato Tanaka, Tazz, and Spike Dudley. He fought Tanaka at the One Night Stand PPV in 2005 and this was said to be the best match of the show. I had a chance to watch him live in September, 2001, when he took on Albert/A-Train. Rest in peace, Mr. Awesome.

Heads up to those who have Satellite Radio receivers. Sirius and XM are in the process of merging. No word yet on how this will affect certain channels or, if you will have to get a new receiver.

The Canadiens have done something they haven't done in awhile; they won a hockey game!

Good call on the Blue Jays for giving John Gibbons a contract extension. He has certainly earned it. Now, as long as none of the pitchers get hurt, we might make the playoffs.

Saw a pretty good film, over the weekend. It's a Spanish film called Talk To Her. Good choice if you have a significant other coming over.

Finally, Brittany Spears..........shaved head............not even going to go there.

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