Monday, April 02, 2007

So Many Events, Only One Space

A number of things have occurred over the last few days. To ensure full equality, I will say something for each occurrence:

- Happy Passover!

- For the first time in five years, the Raptors are going to the playoffs! They clinched a spot yesterday, after beating Charlotte. Now they set their sights on clinching their first division title. By the way, how great was Friday's match? MoPete.....circus shot.....GOOD!

- Baseball season has begun! The Jays won their opening match today. Needed some extra innings but, they got the job done.

- Wrestlemania 23 is in the books. Overall a good show. I'm happy about some of the results. Not too thrilled about others. Vince is bald, Trump got the Stone Cold Stunner, Cena made HBK tap out, and the Undertaker is 15-0 and the new World Heavyweight Champion.

- The OACT festival was fantastic! Congrats to everyone involved.

- I spent a rare Saturday night at home and I'm glad I did. Got to watch the Arcade Fire perform on SNL. Not only were they great but, the New York audience was really excited to see their performance. If I can find the video, I will post it.

- Juno Awards? Didn't watch. Sorry.

The Hek

*Always a great event: Episode 34 of the Audio Circus*


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally got to see one of our shows.

- Mr. Wood

Eric Rosenhek said...

Me too...It only took me...five years?