Monday, April 03, 2006

The Hek is pleased that his Wrestlemania predictions were all right on the money. Except for JBL vs. Benoit.

In other news, the Carleton residence cafeteria forgot how to cook food this evening. The chicken burgers were rubber, the potato pancake was gooey, and the rice was plastic. I may die tonight of food poisoning. If I do pass away, I want you to......know....that I...........YARRGGGHHH.

*falls to floor*

The Hek

Like a bird, on a wire

You are happy
I hate that


Billy Ruffian said...

I didn't know Hek for very long, but I do know that he would want a superhero eulogy.


Blake said...

Now that you're dead, do I REALLY hafta sit shi'vah for you for a whole week?!? Couldn't I get away with just a day or two? Isn't there some kind of goy exemption clause in Talmudic law (or is the shi'vah ritual associated with the Torah, or neither?)

Hahahahaha :-) Just teasing, of course! I'd would sit shi'vah for two weeks if necessary (not, I hope, that I'll have to do so for a VERY long time, buddy!) :-)