Sunday, April 30, 2006

Something is boggling The Hek's mind and it has to do with MSN. Could someone explain the difference between being "away" and being offline?

The Hek sees no difference at all.

Last night, I was online and for most of the night, almost all of my contacts who were online at the time were listed as "away." And I'm not talking about a few people; there was at least 20-30 people who did this. I don't get that. If you're not going to be at your computer and/or talking on MSN, why would you bother to sign in?

What does the "away" status tell us anyway? I don't have time to be at the computer but I'll still sign in so you know I'm there; even though you can't talk to me? If I choose not to be on MSN, I just don't sign in. In fact, I've rarely used the "away" status.

Busy, On The Phone, BRB; that makes sense. The "away" status when you think about it, is a complete contradiction.

In other news: The Hek has received yet another injunction. This time in regards to IGL.

And finally: Need a problem solved? Ask a ninja!

The Hek


Anonymous said...

Probably people aren't there, but want to receive messages to read later when they get back.

Uninstall that shit; MSN is a breeder of language abuse, not to mention a waste of your time. Use the phone.

-The A.E.M.

Blake said...

Agreed. People seem to have gotten to lazy to either A) pick up the phone and call someone to give them a message, or B) send an actual, factual email relaying the message. The whole "Away" designation on MSN can therefore be very confusing. *Sigh*

I'm with you, man. If I'm actually physically at the computer and on MSN, I'm "Online"; if I'm not or don't want to be, I'm "Busy", "BRB" or I just don't log in to start with!!! Why is that such a difficult concept for other MSN users to embrace?!? A source of endless frustration for me...

Billy Ruffian said...

Perhaps you're way too anal retentive about this?