Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just when I thought the Habs might pull it off and beat the second best team in the Eastern Conference, Game 3 occurs. Not only does Montreal lose the game but Saku Koivu almost lost an eye. Now, Saku is out indefinitely. Not cool. But being the loyal Habs fan that I am, I still believe. The Hek is no Madame Cleo but, I can see the future. Montreal takes games four and five and moves on to the second round. They're led by Michael Ryder and Christobal Huet (aka, the Second Coming, part 3) with outstanding performances.

Disclaimer: Don't put your money down based on The Hek's predictions; they're sometimes wrong. Remember my World Series playoff predictions. I'm still sore from that.

I just sent an e-mail with my new address to everyone on my contact list. Lot of you guys have Hotmail which means that the e-mail may have gone the Junk mail section. Just so you know.

RIP Pat Marsden

The Hek


Blake said...

I don't seem to have gotten your new email address. Please advise...

Anonymous said...

So if you're back in thornhill, why didn't you call me??

-the e.m.

Schooy said...

The Hek will be wrong - Canes all the way baby - taking out Koivu (accidentally, of course) was just the first step to domination. Paying off the refs to not call Vasicek is another step. Of course, all this just gives Montreal fans another reason to complain when they don't win the Cup.