Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Doc is out.

I feel so sorry for Roy Halladay. The poor guy works his tail off. Without him, the Blue Jays would probably be in the American League East cellar.

He hasn't won a game since August 20th against Baltimore. Since then he's pitched in six outings. Two of those resulted in losses, there was one game where he had to leave after getting a ball off his elbow, and the remaining three would have been wins but, the Jays bullpen blew it.

Yesterday, he had to leave in the 4th with a strained right forearm. His season is officially finished. Talk about a rough way to end the 2006 campaign. What's really unfortunate is that he had a good chance to win the Cy Young award this year. He also had a good chance last year as well, if it wasn't for that liner he took off the ankle in Texas. Hang in there, Doc.

Now if you excuse me, I hear the Chief calling me:

The Hek

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