Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Pro-wrestler and Toronto native Trish Stratus is retiring after a successful career in the WWE.

Trish had the great fortune of having the perfect retirement from wrestling. She got to win her last match, win her seventh Women's title, leave at a time where she has not overstayed her presence, and do it all in her hometown.

Over the seven years she spent in the WWE, Trish was involved in many great matches and storylines. When she joined the organization, she had no training. However, Trish worked her tail off so that every time she stepped in the ring, fans would witness a flawless match.

If there's one thing you should remember about Trish, it's this:

While many WWE "Divas" have appeared in the pages of Playboy, Trish Stratus would always turn down the offer to appear in the magazine. She wanted to be remembered for her work in the ring, and not for her looks.

Good luck in your future endeavourers, Trish.

The Hek

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