Friday, September 22, 2006

The Working Life

This past week was the first time I could really get the taste of what it's like to have the 9-5 type of job. It has its pros and it certainly has its cons. However, I actually found it kind of fun. Now this is just after one week so, we'll have to see how I feel after I get a few years under my belt.

Waking up 6:15am is not exactly my cup of tea. But I found that getting about 6.5 - 7 hours of sleep every night, before getting up at 6:15, made things much easier.

What I really enjoyed was just the so-called "hustle and bustle." Rushing off to make a couple of busses, standing shoulder to shoulder with people, getting to know the bus drivers; this was something I never really got to experience as a student. Public School and High School were five minute walks from my house and of course, I lived on campus in Ottawa. Taking part in "Rush Hour" makes me feel human, it makes me feel alive. It brings a smile to my face because as you know, these were feelings I didn't have last year at this time.

Best of all, I get out of my house.

The Hek


Caryn said...

sounds awesome man.. power to you.
since when do you have a 'real' job :P u know what i mean ahaha joking.. facebook/email me and let me know how ur doing man.

The Hek said...

Will do. Thanks