Thursday, September 07, 2006

No Happiness Here

I always get a kick out of certain soap operas. My mum loves to watch Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful. I will admit that on occasion, I will walk by the television when these shows are on and be captivated by what's happening on the screen. What I really enjoy is the "over-the-top" dialogue.

Case in point: On BnB, Nick found out that his wife, Brooke, has been fooling around with her ex-husband (and Nick's step-brother), Ridge. Driven by grief, Nick escapes to his houseboat where he turns to alcohol as a way of forgetting his misery. He is then confronted by Brooke's twenty-something daughter, Bridget. The following conversation takes place:

Nick: I'm feeling a lot of hate right now.

Bridget: Don't! It's poison for your soul.

Nick: In that case, either my soul has been poisoned OR CLEANSED!
(Throws glass against the wall, causing it to smash into a million little pieces)

A little more banter and Nick and Bridget begin to make love as the show ends.

On to more important matters. Someone should know the answer to this.

I sent an e-mail to a representative at a marketing company. I then received an "out of office automatic reply." Now, when you get a message like this, does it mean that your message will still be in your recipient's inbox when they return to the office; or, was the message deleted and therefore, I have to send the e-mail again.

The Hek


Sand said...

nope- it's still in the inbox.. it's just explaining why you won't get a reply for a while!

The Hek said...

Excillent! Thanks Sandra.

Steve said...

No, it's gone forever, lost to the ether that is the internet (or nets, depending on whom you ask). You should send it at least eleventy-billion more times to be safe. Burning the building down doesn't hurt either... well, unless you're in the building at the time... I guess...

The Hek said...

Something about your comment seems illegal.