Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tie and Belinda

I have a question about this story:


Do we really need to know how a hockey player possibly cheated on his wife by sleeping with the "honourable member" from Newmarket-Aurora? Many couples go thorough this unfortunate circumstance. The only reason why this one has taken so much spotlight is because......well......it involves a hockey player and the "honourable member" from Newmarket-Aurora.

I know.......those who choose to be in the public eye can kiss their privacy goodbye. It's nature to know the ins and outs of those we look up to. I'd be the first to admit, I'm very guilty of this. But sometimes, you have to ask yourselves, how much is too much?

Irving Layton is one of my favourite poets. I like him for his poetry. The fact that he was unfaithful as a husband and a father is an unfortunate fact. However, I care more about the poetry then his escapades.

Same can be said with Tie Domi. He brought grit and passion as a hockey player. He may not have been the best husband but, his private life has nothing to do with why people like him.
I am hoping that the sports media ignore this story. There's a lot more important things going on.

Besides, if we really wanted to know what goes on in the private life of an athlete, politician, actor or musician, we should look at our own lives. It's pretty much the same. Of course, with the exception of fame.

The Hek

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Claire said...

Who would win in a fight, Belinda or Tie?

The Hek said...

That's a good question. It depends on the type of fight.