Monday, January 16, 2006


First off, I have a cold. I got this from either the Green Party representative at the debate, the ErinMarie (who was getting everyone sick and somehow, it got to me in Ottawa), or I've been making out with too many girls with colds.

But on to something more important......

In March, 2005, Mark and I came up with what I thought, was a crazy idea. We planned on going down to West Palm Beach, Florida for Reading Week, 2006. Mark happens to have grand parents who live there and they said we could come down. This meant free room and board and most of our meals would be cooked. I agreed to the trip thinking that it wouldn't really transpire. We were originally going to buy our tickets during this previous summer. However, when this did not occur, I was convinced it wasn't going to happen............until last night.

Mark's grandparents called and invited us down. Mark immediately said yes but the real question was, would I go with him. I had to make a snap decision and it was not an easy one to make.

I was reluctant to go for the following reasons:

1. I have a good number of assignments coming up after the break. Reading week would allow me to work on those and avoid any possible all-nighters.

2. I had the money for the trip. In fact I had enough left over from the summer that didn't go to my tuition. However, what was holding me back was that I wanted to use that money to help pay for an apartment in case I mange to stay in Ottawa. To me, there's necessary spending and unnecessary spending. Getting shelter is necessary; going on a trip is unnecessary.

3. I rarely go on these type of trips. It's just not my thing. I figure I'll probably travel for work. Sitting at home and relaxing is just as good of a vacation as opposed to going somewhere warm or Europe. Besides, I haven't been on an airplane since I was a baby and I don't have a passport (although I think my birth certificate would be sufficient enough).

4. Going on this trip would mean missing a couple Thursday Blends. Yes I know its petty; but, I'm addicted to it. Two weeks off means two weeks of not practicing my craft.

Despite these concerns, I decided to go.

My parents were surprisingly "gung-ho" about it. They thought it was a great idea. They're even letting me use their credit card to pay for the plane ticket since I don't have one. I feel extremely guilty about this. I told them I would pay them back but they acted like they're not going to let me do that. It's not fair. They shouldn't have to pay for this. They pay enough money as it is for my residence. They even said they'd help me out if I stay in Ottawa. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate their help and I would be a complete idiot for not taking "free money. " But I'm 22 years old, dammit! I should not have to rely on my parents all the time. I have to start making my own way through life or else, I won't survive.

So, I'm going to Florida............and feeling a little guilty about it.

Meanwhile, I'll hit the sand and walk past all the American college girls who will no doubt be throwing themselves at me.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...


What is it with you and guilt?

I sympathize on the whole parent front, it's the same deal with me.

Anonymous said...

You're only 22! Don't worry about it - if you're still mooching off your parents by, say, 30 (like a couple of my mom's friends are), THAT'LL be something to feel guilty about.

- Mr. Wood