Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just got back from watching the film Munich with Eric Bana and Daniel Craig.

The Good: Munich was a very noble attempt at showing the real side of a violent world. Bana's character is a form of morality that gets lost in all the senseless bloodshed. A worthwhile film.

The Bad: Was a little too long. Some scenes didn't really need to be there.

The Ugly: The fact that when Mark, Tim and I arrived at the theatre, we were told that the only remaining seats were in the front row. I had to look up for the entire time. My neck is killing me and I feel like I'm about to puke (King Kong all over again).

In other news, I have recently joined this I'm getting quite addicted to it. Just for fun I typed my last name into the "global search." Turns out there's a Justin Rosenhek in Maine and Sergio Rosenhek in Houston.

The Hek

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