Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sometimes I feel like CKCU is a second home to me. Today furthers this notion.

It all started at 5:30am when my alarm went off. Usually, I switch from the alarm to the radio and listen to whatever is on as I get ready. But when I did this, the Mighty 93.1 was silent. Maybe it was my radio, I thought. So I turned the dial to 93.9 BOB FM; it was broadcasting. I then turned the dial to CBC Radio One at 91.5; it was broadcasting as well. This only meant one thing: DEAD AIR. The worse thing to ever occur in radio.

Dead air can mean one of two things. Either there is no one at the station; or, something happened to our antenna and the station was off the air. So I rushed off to see what was going on.
I arrived at CKCU around 6:20am. I got into the station but the door to the on-air studio was locked. This has happened to me before and the results weren't pretty the first time. I was not going to let that happen again. I ran around the Uni-centre looking for someone to get me in the station. Sure enough, I found a worker who had the proper keys. I entered the empty studio and put on a jazz CD while I got ready for my show. The show went off perfectly and I returned home thanking my lucky stars.

My program director already knew about the situation when I phoned her later that afternoon. Then she informed me that she needed a fill in from 4-6pm. Back to the station I went and loved every single minute of it. Joe from back home got to listen to CKCU for the first time. ErinMarie also tuned in. But the best was a caller who called me after I finished and said that he loved the music I selected and that I was doing a great job. He may have been the only one listening when I signed off but hell, if I can provide an escape to just one listener then it was all worth it.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

You did a great job, mr. "That's the way I roll". :P

-The Amazing E.M.