Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lesson for the day: Never joke with members of the Liberal Party.

After the show today, I went down to the fourth floor of the Unicentre. Students from the Liberals and the NDP set up tables to promote their respective candidates. Both tables have some cool stuff. The Liberal table had buttons with Paul Martin's face while the NDP table had some cool Jack Layton posters.

Now, I'm a collector. I've collected baseball cards, stamps, buttons, etc. I especially love to collect things that represent "moments in time." Therefore, it is no wonder that I would take buttons and posters; it didn't matter which party or whose face was on it.

At the Liberal table, I was speaking with someone who took part in the debate, last week. She told me that on Saturday she will be having breakfast with the Prime Minister, to which I said: "well I hope he picks up the tab for that." She laughed and I followed with another joke. "Actually, when I say he should pick up the tab, it probably means that we (meaning tax payers) will pick up the tab."

My Liberal friend immediately frowned and sternly told me that the breakfast was being funded by Liberal party donations. I was taken aback and told her I was just joking. However, the conversation got pretty awkward after that.

I went back up to CKCU to do some editing. When I left I decided I would go past the Liberal table again and wear the Martin button just so she wouldn't think I was a dick. However, when I returned, she was not there.

But her two friends were there. I smiled and told them that I keep the PM close to my heart as I was wearing the button on the left side of chest. The guy told me that my colour scheme was off. I asked him to explain to which the other girl said "well, what's with the poster in your hand," pointing to my Layton poster. I smirked and told them that I love to collect election material. They just frowned. It was at this point that I realized, it was a lost cause. I got out of there, took off my button and headed to the caf for some brunch.

To sum up: unless it's about the other parties, never joke with the Liberals.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

Oh Ziggy, I mean Eric, will you ever succeed?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think it's politicians in general who might not be able to appreciate the Hekian creativity.

Anonymous said...

sorry, the above comment was from me, the erinmarie.

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