Friday, September 30, 2005

The Hek, The Hek, The Hek IS ON FIRE!!!

Saw an amazing match off the NWA: Total Non-Stop Action website. Ultimate X Challenge: AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabain vs. Petey Williams. I cannot wait for TNA's debut on Spike. If you have not seen this stuff, The Hek highly recommends you see these guys in action. It is an awesome alternative to WWE.

The week is over people. Thank fucking god. I have an assignment every week until the beginning of December.

Just got off the phone with the ever so good hearted ErinMarie. She told me that York University is the only school in Canada that cancels classes for Jewish New Year. Now that's something. I remember in high school when even the non-Jewish students wouldn't go to school on the high holidays.

Now to Mr. Wood: the 80's music I played on my show was by Linda Talyor and Billy Curtz (not sure if I got his name right). I also played a live version "Keep on Rockin' In The Free World" and Johnny Cash's "Walk The Line."

And to Pear and Soup Girl: Wrestling catch phrases totally reek of awesomeness. They're as memorable as movie quotes. Props must go out to you for recognizing the phrase. The question is, do you know who said it? If you guess it right, I'll give The Claire Witch Project an honorary Hek Seal of Approval.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

I don't need to put my brain on display for you and I need no one's seal of approval.

Remember, just because something's memorable, that doesn't mean it's good. Think of all the crappy songs that get stuck in your head.

Kettle's boiling, got to go.