Thursday, September 08, 2005

Interesting way to start off the school year.

I arrived at my first class (Modern Publicity State, 8:30 - 11:30am) of the year; so did everyone else. There was just one thing missing, the prof. She didn't show up. So, after 45 minutes, we decided collectively to leave. Being mostly fourth year students, we had the decency to leave her a note with all our student numbers on it. Later in the day, I and my fellow class mates received an e-mail from the prof. It turns out that she got stuck in traffic and was unable to make it to Carleton. She did send us our course syllabus in an attachment and also noted that our coursepack/text book was available at Octopus Books at the corner of Third Avenue and Bank Street for................................$77.00.

$77?! Are you kidding The Hek?

Two things irritate The Hek about this.

First off, the pack/book is at an independent book store. Not cool. See, I purposely put a lot of money on my campus card so that I have enough money for texts when I purchase them at Carleton's book store. When a prof puts a text at an independent book store like Octopus Books or Allegra Publishing it means that I have to pay out of my own personal account instead of using my campus card. Basically, all the money I put on my campus card for books goes to waste.

Second, $77 for a bunch of articles I am probably going to read once? Not going to happen, people.

Here is what's going to happen. The Hek is taking the strategy his roommate is using. I am going to go to the library, find every book that originally published the articles for the upcoming week and the photo copy them at 8 cents a page. Think about it, a 40 page article will only cost me $3.20. That's it, that's all, baby goes to sleep.

The Hek

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