Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tons of stuff to get to today.

The show went well today. I love live radio especially, when things happen unexpectedly and you have to think on your feet. Just before I hit the air, I notice that there were no CD carts. Without these, I can't play CD's; so, I busted out the vinyl. This will explain why the show featured a mini-set of 80's Canadian Rock. Fortunately, I was able to locate a cart near the end the show and played one CD (it happened to have the poem of the day on it). The only downside was that both the K-OS and Death From Above 1979 CDs disappeared from our library.

My roommate Mark had an interesting dream. He dreamt that a mystery girl came into our apartment, bawling her eyes out. Apparently, I went over to cheer her up and did such a good job of this, that the girl and I went into my room and Rocked The Casbah without even having the decency to shut the door. Then, Sandra and Jen came over and witnessed what was going on while Mark was playing poker on his compy. Not going to lie to you: Best dream of me ever by someone else. I hope Mark is a psychic.

My film professor made a reference to Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I shuddered as I remember watching this during the summer. Good idea for a TV show. Bad idea for a film. Unless your name is Erin or Marie, the darn thing puts you to sleep.

Finally, there were two interesting comments made for my September 28th entry. I encourage you all to read them. Anglelina's comment was well done. As for the comment made by (I believe) Pear and Soup girl, she is just jealous of my Hollywood good looks and Brad Pitt hair.

Smell you later,
The Hek

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's Pam who comments without signing.

What Canadian 80s music did you play!?

- Mr. Wood