Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just set up a brand new Fantasy Hockey team on the Yahoo website. This year, teams will crumble when LES HABS take the ice. I am also listening to the Blue Jays over the computer. Right now, they are losing to Baltimore, 4-0. Ted Lilly didn't last three innings giving up five walks and three earned runs. Just The Hek's luck, Lilly is on my fantasy baseball team. In the end its always the same story for the Blue Jays: with the exception of Roy Halliday, they lack consistent pitching.

Went on over to CKCU today to see how things are. Turns out that my first show will be on September 15. I was really hoping to start this Thursday but, it appears that the guy who does the timeslot now (7-8am) has already planned a show. He might let me do the show this week since he already does the 8:00 - 9:30am on Thursdays and he reluctantly agreed to do the extra hour until I got back to Ottawa. For the time being, I'll start next week and I can't wait. I love being on the radio. It's what I want to do once I finish school. When I am at CKCU, its a wonderful escape from the craziness that goes with being a University student. In the meantime, I was given some sports books to look at and possibly interview the authors. I also plan on covering the CD release party for the Capital Slam poets.

I found this really cool website. It's a blog for New York radio station WFMU. On this blog there is a section that has these neat MP3's of strange remixes and weird sound bites from other radio stations. For example, there's an MP3 clip of a CBC Northern Service broadcast during the 1981 CBC strike. Basically, you have this Inuit man who apparently worked as a janitor and filled in for the striking radio staff. He speaks in his native language and then sings a song about the Ayatollah. There are also clips of Inuit commercials for beer companies.

Check out it here: WFMU's On the Download

This was my favourite clip: Michael Jackson vs. Cookie Monster

The Hek

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