Saturday, October 22, 2005

And so ends a very stressful week with two mini-papers and one presentation done and gone from my list of shit to do for the remainder of this term.

Today, I was at CKCU as we kicked off our funding drive. Along with answering phones I made an add and voiced another. I don't know what it is but whenever I'm there, I have the most fun. Then I hoped on the bus and headed downtown. A rather embarrassing moment occurred on this bus ride. I stood up to get off when the bus driver slammed on the brakes and suddenly, I was sitting on the lap of some suburban thuged out kid. I apologized and got off the bus very quickly.

I went downtown to attend the monthly Capital Slam Tournament and support my buddy Owen Hewitt who competes in the contest. Owen introduced me to a couple of poets and told them about how I was DJ at CKCU who had a segment called the "Thursday Blend Poem of The Day." To my surprise, they actually knew of the segment and have listened to my show. The cynic in me figured that Owen probably gave them that information before I got there. But then the poets talked about a poem I had played a week ago that I knew Owen didn't know about. This confirmed their statements and made me feel damn good.

The poetry was great and the two headliners were phenomenal. One of the headliners was a girl from Montreal named Katalyst. She totally blew the audience away with her style of speaking and musical improvisation. I enjoyed her so much that I bought her home made CD for $5.oo. I'm really stunned that I did this. I usually don't buy things that are not essential. But something made me want to support this artist. It's not a bad CD at all. I might even play it on my show.

Now for some fun: Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf - Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The Hek


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