Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tomorrow, the second round of the Baseball playoffs will begin. Here's how The Hek's predictions went:

The Hek Predicted
-Chicago over Boston in 5
-New York over Los Angeles/Anaheim in 5
-St.Louis over San Diego in 3
-Atlanta over Houston in 4

Here's what happened
-Chicago over Boston in 3
-Los Angeles/Anaheim over New York in 5
-St.Louis over San Diego in 3
-Houston over Atlanta in 5

I gave myself one half point if I got the team right and one half point if I picked the right games. This means I scored a 1.5 out of 4 which gives me, 38% accuracy. Hey, I didn't say I was an expert. The Yankees/Angels series could have gone either way; Chicago just dominated the Red Sox; Houston got some lucky brakes against the Braves; and, I was bang on with the Cardinals sweeping the Padres. So now, here are The Hek's predictions for round two:

American League Championship Series
Los Angeles/Anaheim vs. Chicago

Beating the Yankees was a huge confidence booster for the Angels and they will definitely gain an early advantage on the White Sox who haven't played since Friday. Then again, the White Sox are well rested and the injury to Angles pitcher Bartolo Colon may hurt his team. Still, it shall be an exciting series.
Chicago in 6

National League Championship Series
St. Louis vs. Houston

The Astros are starting to look like this year's version of the 2004 Red Sox. You have to give them credit for handling Atlanta like that. However, as long as St. Louis brings their 'A' game, I don't see the Astros making an appearance in the fall classic.
St. Louis in 6

Feel free to send me your predictions to thursday_blend@yahoo.ca. I'll read them on the air! And don't forget to catch the Thursday Morning Special Blend; 7-8am EST on CKCU 93.1 FM.

The Hek

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