Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Saw a great film today called Mean Streets. It stars a very young Harvey Kietel and an even younger Robert De Niro. Scorsese's first successful film and definitely one of his best.

But that's not what I am here to talk about. The World Series playoffs have started and here are The Hek's predictions:

NLDS 1: St. Louis vs. San Diego
The Cardinals have been my pick to win it all this year. They are a very strong team. Chris Carpenter had an amazing season as did Pujos and Edmonds. The Padres made it into the post-season by the skin of their teeth. I'm sorry, it's impossible to win the World Series when your regular season record had you just two games above 500. An easy one for the Cards.
St. Louis in 3

NLDS 2: Atlanta vs. Houston
For the second straight year, the Astros overcome a horrible start and make it into the playoffs. That's good but not great. The Braves have Ted Turner who provides lots of cash. Cash buys good ball players. Good ball players get success. Sad to say it, but its true.
Atlanta in 4

ALDS 1: Chicago vs. Boston
Since the season started, I have been telling people to watch out for the American League Central Division; especially the Twins and White Sox. Chicago has put together a pretty good team. They'll probably take the pennet too. As for the defending champion Red Sox, last year was full of miracles and good strokes of luck. But as my drama teacher, Mr. Stone once said: "Lighting does not strike twice.'
Chicago in 5

ALDS 2: New York vs. Los Angeles/Anaheim
The Yankees are exactly like the Braves. The Angels will put up a good fight but in the end, New York's experience will carry them through the next round.
New York in 5

Want to tell me your predictions? I'd love to hear them. I'll even read them on the air. Send me an email at thursday_blend@yahoo.ca

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The Hek


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