Sunday, October 09, 2005

Today I was going to talk about some silly stuff at the Rideau Centre yesterday. But I don't want to, anymore. Something has happened. This is what happened.

When I was a young boy. My bed time would usually occur during the 4th or 5th inning of the Blue Jays game. But that never mattered because when I got to bed, I would simply turn on my radio and hear this man's voice. His voice was always calm and the descriptions he gave were well spoken but still easy enough for a youngster like me to understand. I would close my eyes and he would paint a picture for me; a landscape of heroes who I have worshipped for most of my life. For me, as a young child, it was the voice of god preaching the gospel known as baseball. Perhaps it was because of this man that I fell in love with sports and radio. His voice planted the seeds which now blossomed into this dream of working in radio.

Of course he was just a regular person who worked hard; an artist who constantly worked at his craft to please his fans. He didn't care about being popular. He cared about telling a story as best he could. From April 7, 1977 to June 13, 2004, this man called everything single Blue Jays game. Amongst all that was five division titles, two pennets and two world championships.

Now he is gone and although I never met him, I feel a great sense of loss. I am actually crying as I write this as I am sure everyone who grew up listening to him is as well. Thank you, Tom Cheek for everything, we shall miss you very much and we all will do our best so that one day, you will be recognized by Cooperstown.

The Hek

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