Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First off, major props have to go out to my friend Blake in the CP for sending me this link: American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu

Yesterday, Doug Flutie announced his retirement from pro football. Following a great career in College, Flutie spent 21 productive seasons in the USFL, NFL and CFL. Now, I don't mean to be bias but it was in Canada where his talent was truly shown. In his eight CFL seasons, Flutie lead the league in many offensive categories and was part of three Grey Cup winning teams. Perhaps the most amazing statistic was that he won the CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award, six times.
Many people feel Flutie is the best Quarterback ever to play in the CFL. I would certainly agree. I had the great fortune of watching Flutie when he played for the Toronto Argonauts. I was at the Rogers Centre in 1996 when the Argos beat Montreal to advance to the Grey Cup finals. Not only did Flutie have a great command of this particular game but, he also kicked a field goal to show he could score without even having to throw the ball. He captained a group of players that could be considered as one of the best teams ever assembled. If I were ever asked to form a list of the best sports teams, the 1996-97 Argonauts would definitely be near the top.

Another great thing about Flutie was that he did all this despite being only 5'9 which is considered to be very small in professional football. When he left Toronto to play for the Buffalo Bills, people were literally writing his obituary. "He's too small; he'll get eaten alive in the NFL." Flutie proved them all wrong, putting up some decent numbers with the Bills, Chargers and Patriots.

He might not get a spot in Canton, Ohio; but Doug Flutie will no doubt be inducted one day into the CFL Hall of Fame.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

Why is Haley fighting? She's a pacifist.

Blake said...

Anytime, buddy! I laughed my posterior off the first time I went to that link and tried the game. In my opinion, there's a tie for the best players: Stewie (sweet mech droid suit) and Chris (his special panic attack scream is extremely powerful!)

As for Mr. Flutie, all I can say is that he certainly earned his retirement!