Monday, May 22, 2006

Last night at the Judgment Day PPV, the WWE Tag-Team champions, MNM, lost their titles to the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Following their defeat, Johnny Nitro along with Melina turned on his teammate, Joey Mecurey.

Once again, an actual WWE tag-team gets broken up after only being together for just over a year.

If I ever wrote for the WWE, one of my goals would be to rebuild the tag-team division. This once productive division has fallen by the waste side. These days, if there is a popular tag-team, the wrestlers are soon put into singles competition and quickly find out they were better as a team. Of course, the WWE never admits an error in booking and doesn't bother to correct the situation. There are so many wrestlers in the WWE that are not being used. So why not put them into a tag-team. 5-6 teams per television program is all you need. Here's what I would do:

- Paul London & Brian Kendrick
- FBI (Vito and Nunzio)
- Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psychosis)
- Gymini
- Stevie Richards & Simon Dean

- Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
- Goldust & Snitski
- Viscera & Val Venis
- Basham Brothers
- Johnny Parisi & Rob Conway

Now the WWE is not wasting their talent. If they would just do something about the tag-teams, I'm very sure the fans would buy into it.

The Hek

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