Monday, May 08, 2006

On Saturday, The Hek, Mr. Wood and Steven watched this great film from Hong Kong called, Infernal Affairs. It tells the story of two men. One is a member of the local Mafia who has been planted as a mole in the police force; and the other, is a cop who has been planted as a mole in the local Mafia. Their bosses, the police chief and the Mafia boss, have both found out that their group has a mole in it and assign both men to find out who the mole is. This of course leads to many twists and turns as both men are forced to do some internal soul searching to figure out which side they really want to be on. It's an action paced and well thought out plot and thus, receives The Hek Seal of approval.

Now, The Hek realizes not all of you can get access to Hong Kong cinema. So, you'll be happy to know that Martin Scorsese is making a Hollywood version of the film. It will be called The Departed and will have Matt Damon and Leo Decaprio star as the two men. The film also has Martin Sheen and Jack Nicholson playing the police chief and Mafia boss, respectively; and, Mark Whalberg will be in it as well. On an interesting note, the film will take place in Boston which is rather odd since Scorsese usually uses New York as his backdrop.

In other news, I spotted Mario Lopez playing a doctor on The Bold and The Beautiful. He certainly knew his stuff. I guess I missed Saved By The Bell: The Med-school years.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

Why don't you lay off Mario Lopez for awhile, ok Hek?

Billy Ruffian said...

Hardly! What is your fascination with Mario Lopez's forbidden lifestyle of mystery?