Saturday, May 13, 2006

Well today my voice is a bit shot thanks to 5.5 hours straight of teaching children how to play basketball and other fun games. Big space + 20 talkative kids (x four classes ranging from 60-90 minutes each) = one shot voice. Sometimes I question myself why I still teach children's programs and camps. I think its because of the money and this small fleeting hope that I am actually making a somewhat small impact on their lives.

Also, this weekend is quite significant for three reasons. First (and this is in no particular order), today is Abigail's birthday. Second, tomorrow will mark the first year anniversary of Noel and Leslie's wedding. I for one cannot believe it has already been a year; time certainly flies by. And third, it's Mother's Day; the Mother of all holidays.

Now on to: The Hek's Podcasts.

I tinkered with the sound recorder on my computer and was able to increase the recording volume on the makeshift microphone (aka my headphones). So the volume on this next experimental podcast is slightly better. However, the sound is the still the same.

I'm also adding the RSS link. Now for those that don't know, RSS acts as a free subscription service. When you click on it - or cut and paste it into your MP3 content provider/media player - what will happen is that every time I make a new podcast, it will automatically download to the content provider. You then have the option of downloading the program onto to your iPod or any other portable MP3 player. Now this RSS link should work with any content provider (like Juice, Doppler, or Transistr), except for iTunes as I have a feeling I would have to contact the company and pay a small monetary sum in order to be listed on their service. Of course, that's what I think is suppose to happen. For a better explanation, click here

Experimental Podcast RSS Link

Experimental Podcast #3

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

A little better... still not quite your radio voice, but not very nasally either. Actually if anything you sounded more mature. And I was able to hear you when I turned my volume halfway up.

I think you need to invest in a better microphone, and your podcasts will improve tremendously. I should ask if my brother would be willing to loan you his for a day, and see if that makes any difference. He only paid about 30 bucks.

- Mr. Wood